Ask Doll Spa

Commonly Asked Questions


Q. What does a Spa Treatment Cost ?

A. That depends somewhat on the size of your doll. For example if you have a 14-16 inch doll a full Doll Spa Treatment, including bathing, shampooing, moisturizing of the body, facial, conditioning the hair, hair set and style. Upon completion of the treatment your doll will be wrapped in a monogramed "Doll Spa" robe with matching slippers. The total cost would be around $65.00 plus shipping and insurance to and from where you live.


Q. How soon will I get my doll back?

A. The usual time is one week. Saran hair requires deep conditioning and a longer setting time. When your doll arrives at the spa we will carefully evaluate her needs and then contact you. At that time we will tell you when she will return home. We will also email you and confirm she is safely on her way home!!


Q. How do you prevent getting the dolls at the spa mixed up?

A. Thats no problem!! We send you a wrist tag to fill out, complete and attach to your dolls wrist. It will only be removed to bathe her and then put right back on. We attend to the needs of one client at a time so there are no mix-ups!!


Q. Can you repair my doll when she comes to the Doll Spa?

A. Yes, we are equipted to deal with minor repair such as seam repair, wig securing or reglueing or other minor cosmetic repairs.


Q. Can I send my composition doll to the Doll Spa?

A. Suprise!! Yes you can!! We carry a full line of Sandra Lee Products such as craze control, designed to clean and preserve the finish of composition dolls.


Q. What would it cost to send my Composition Doll to the Doll Spa?

A. The total cost of these services are slightly higher, because the wigs have to be removed from the doll before it can be washed and then reglued after the hair dries. Composition dolls are cleaned with a special solution designed for them and then Craze Control is applied very carefully to the entire head and body.   Example: A 14-16 inch composition doll with a mohair wig would run about $75 plus shipping and insurance to and from where you live.

Note: We ask that you email us the day you put "Your Sweet Doll" in the mail, so we will make things ready for her arrival!!